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Are you charging your phone in public places?📱

Reserve Bank of India has warned that there is a risk of cybercriminals stealing all the data on your phone through charging points set up in public places. With this, it is said that banking details are also likely to fall into the hands of cyber criminals. 💼

This hacking done by phone charging is also known as juice jacking. For this cyber criminals are installing a special device at the charging point. As soon as you plug in the USB cable, all the data in your phone will be transferred. 🔄

With this, your phone's personal photos, videos and banking details fall into the hands of cybercriminals. With this, the money in your account is withdrawn. 💳

To avoid falling prey to this scam, never use charging stations in public places. Otherwise you have to charge directly with your charger with an adapter. Under no circumstances should it be charged directly through the USB port. ⚠️