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AP Election Results First and Last Constituencies to Announce Results

🔴 Today, counting for 175 Assembly constituencies and 25 Lok Sabha constituencies in Andhra Pradesh will begin soon! Everyone's curious: Which constituency will announce the results first, and which one will be last? 🤔

Election officials estimate that the final results for Kovvuru in East Godavari and Narasapuram in West Godavari will be announced by noon. These constituencies only have 13 rounds of counting. However, Rampachodavaram and Chandragiri constituencies have the most rounds with 29 each. Panem and Bheemili constituencies have 25 rounds, so their final results might come as late as 7 PM.

In Kakinada, which includes one MP seat and seven Assembly constituencies, the first result is expected from Jaggampeta. Next in line are Peddapuram and Prattipadu, with Kakinada city and rural results expected last. Kakinada rural results might be announced by 6 PM. Postal ballot results will likely be declared by 2 PM, while EVM results will be clear by 6 PM.

Out of the 175 Assembly segments, 111 will have less than 20 rounds of counting. 61 constituencies will have between 21 and 24 rounds, and the remaining three will have more than 25 rounds. The counting for 111 constituencies is expected to finish by 2 PM, for 61 constituencies by 4 PM, and the last three by 6 PM.

Officials expect results for Kuppam, Pulivendula, and Pithapuram constituencies to be announced by noon. In the BR Ambedkar Konaseema district, the first result will be from Rajolu constituency, and the last results will come from Mummidivaram and Ramachandrapuram.

To ensure accuracy and transparency, the results will be uploaded on the Suvidha app before being announced. After the counting is complete, the Form 21C and 21E related to Lok Sabha and Assembly election results will be sent to the Central Election Commission by flight on the same day.