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Anchor Rashmi Gautam May Be Getting Married✨💃

Beauty Rashmi Gautam has made a special name for herself as an anchor on the television screen. Rashmi got a huge craze with the popular comedy show Jabardasth. She entertained with many TV shows as an anchor.

She also acted in movies. Rashmi, who played small roles in many films, later became the heroine. Along with acting in the movie Guntur Talkies starring Siddu Jonna Gadda as the hero, Rashmi impressed with her beauty. This little one is currently busy on the silver screen. She is also very active on social media. Meanwhile, a news about Rashmi Gautam's marriage has gone viral in film circles and social media. There have been many news about Rashmi's marriage in the past. There are also reports that Rashmi is in love with actor and comedian Sudigali Sudhir.. Soon these two are going to get married. As they were close on the Jabardasth show, there were rumors that something was going to happen between them. But some people say that they are all untrue and they are just friends. Now an interesting news about Rashmi's wedding is going viral. Talk is heard that Rashmi will get married soon. It seems that Rashmi Gautam's marriage will take place with a man from America. There is a big discussion on social media that recently two family members also showed horoscopes. It seems that the marriage announcement will also come soon. Let's see how Rashmi reacts to this.✨


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