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All Phones Banned? Central Government’s Shocking Decision

Hey guys! 📱 Big news for everyone using a mobile phone! The central government has issued crucial orders to telecom companies. They've asked to ban 28,200 mobile phones involved in cybercrime. This decision will be implemented nationwide. 🚫

Also, there's a new rule for SIM cards. The government wants 20 lakh mobile connections to be reverified. If the re-verification fails, those SIM connections will be deactivated. So, if you have a mobile handset or SIM card, stay alert!

This move aims to prevent cyber crimes. According to the government, 28,200 mobile handsets were involved in cybercrimes. Nearly 20 lakh numbers were used in these phones. After re-verification, all these SIM cards will be banned. The telecom department has given these crucial orders to telecom companies.

The government recently introduced a digital intelligence platform to tackle cyber crimes and financial frauds. This platform will facilitate information exchange, real-time intelligence sharing, and coordination among different sectors like telecom companies, law enforcement agencies, social media platforms, banks, financial institutions, and identity document issuing authorities. This collaboration aims to solve problems swiftly.