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Air India Surprise! Big Change for Economy Class Travelers 🛫

In an unexpected move to minimize losses in domestic operations, Air India has announced a reduction in the free cabin baggage allowance for its economy class passengers. Starting from May 2nd, travelers in the economy will now be allowed to carry only 15 kilograms of cabin baggage, down from the previous allowance of 20 kilograms. This policy revision aligns with Air India's fair family concept introduced in August under Tata's management, which aims to offer tailored fare options based on customer preferences.

The airline currently offers three fare types: Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Flex. Each category is designed to meet diverse passenger needs with varying benefits and restrictions. For instance, while the Flex fare allows up to 25 kilograms of cabin baggage with flexibility in ticket changes and cancellations, the Comfort and Comfort Plus categories will now offer reduced allowances of 15 kilograms.

This decision follows a comprehensive internal study and customer feedback, suggesting that a one-size-fits-all approach does not accommodate the varied preferences of all travelers. By differentiating the service offerings, Air India hopes to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations. The new baggage policy is part of Air India's broader strategy to revive its fortunes after its acquisition by the Tata Group in 2022.