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After six months on earth..🌍

After spending more than six months on the International Space Station (ISS), four astronauts have reached Earth safely. They landed in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Florida through the SpaceX Dragon capsule early Tuesday morning from the ISS in Earth orbit. The Navy and NASA personnel, who were already there, took out the capsule and brought it safely to the ship. Later, the astronauts in it... Jasmine Magbeli from America, Andreas Mogensen from Denmark, Satoshi Furukawa from Japan and Konstantin Borisov from Russia came out. These four went to Rhodes on August 26 last year as part of the SpaceX mission in the Falcon 9 rocket. NASA astronaut Jasmine Magbeli, a Marine helicopter pilot, led the return machine from the ISS. We only left you with some peanut butter and a little bread,'' Magbeli announced on radio after liftoff from the ISS in Earth orbit on Monday. To this NASA scientist Lore O'Hara replied.. 'I miss you already.. Thank you for the very generous gift.'🌍🚀


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