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A Youth Raped Class 9 Student In Sr Nagar Hyderbad

No matter how many strict laws the governments bring, violence against women does not stop. Every day, somewhere, they are sexually assaulted. Irrespective of age, women from small children to old people are sexually abused. Recently, an atrocity has taken place in the Essanagar police station of Hyderabad. A young man committed rape by threatening and blackmailing the girl. To this extent, the Essarnagar police have registered a POCSO case against the accused. Ganesh Yadav (20), who lives near Sonabai Temple on Ameerpet-Balkampet road, met a 9th standard girl (14) from the same area on Snapchat. Then he morphed her photos and threatened her with videos and raped her twice when no one was in her house. The girl has not been going to school for some time due to resentment. When the mother questioned the girl, she told what had happened. On the complaint of the parents, a case was registered against the accused under the POCSO Act and he was arrested.


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