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2018 To Premalu Malayalam Dubbing Movies Ruled At Tollywood Box Office🎥✨

Irrespective of language differences Telugu audience has a great heart to appreciate a good movie in any language. This has been proven in many cases in the past. It is still happening. If the story is good, the movie will be a hit without looking at straight and dubbing... small hero... big hero. That's why Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi heroes show interest in dubbing and releasing their movies in Telugu. There are many records in Tollywood where dubbing movies have earned more money than straight movies.

Until now, the Tollywood box office continued to be dominated by Tamil dubbing movies. The films of Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vikram, Suriya and other Tamil heroes used to fetch huge collections. But now the scene has changed. Malayalam movies are dominating the Kollywood movies. Malayalam dubbing dolls are doing well at the Tollywood box office. From last year's release in 2018 to the recent release of Manjummel Boys, many Malayalam dubbing movies have brought huge profits to the producers. So far Malayalam dubbed movies were released in Telugu by small producers. But now top production houses like Geetha Ords, Sitara, Maithri are bringing Malayalam movies to Telugu audience. 🎥✨