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Mitsuko X Space Escape Full 13 _HOT_

Mitsuru gives a speech to the Bridegroom and the Groom and tells the Groom that Kokoro will be his wife. He also tells them about how they met, and how they feel about the other person which echoes the speeches that Hiro and Zero Two give to Yuuha after the kidnapping. MitsuKoko then goes on to describe their wedding vows. The wedding vows are essentially a summary of their entire connection, and include promises they made to each other. When Mitsuru claims that Kokoro will be his, she stiffens and looks away. He apologizes and vows that he will be there for their child, even if she gets fed up of it. Mitsuru then vows to be there for Kokoro, no matter what. MitsuKoko then kisses Mitsuru and embraces him. Their entire relationship, from the moment they first met to when she got pregnant with the half-human/half-animal boy they name Reiya, has been documented in the scenes with the Young Couple and Young Wife. These scenes illustrate their connection on a more personal level, in an emotional and personal manner.

mitsuko x space escape full 13

Mitsuru makes a speech to the room of best friends in front of the whole Family. The speech was about how he and his family are happy that he has found the girl he is in love with, and how he hopes for a happy family as well. When he opens the floor for questions, the other best friends both answer that they are happy for them. MitsuKoko then asks if theyre willing to become parents together. They promise to make a family together.

It is shown that Kokoro isnt very happy when MitsuKoko does some extreme physical activity in order to make her pregnant, but Mitsuru tells her shes always been athletic and he knows that she can handle it. So, hopefully, she will be able to handle it. Then, when we learn that Kokoro is pregnant, she immediately assumes MitsuKoko is the father, or the one who got her pregnant. She isnt happy with the situation, probably due to some of the difficulty in explaining what exactly is going on to people, and then him hearing about it from others. These scenes with Kokoro and MitsuKoko imply that they have a deeper emotional relationship than what we may be seeing on the surface.


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