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Super Fancy Pants Adventure ZIP File - Play All the Games Offline

Probably sounds harsh. Well I'm still missing several hats, pants and dresses, and that was after going out of bounds multiple times and finding nothing in secret areas. I went out of bounds and scaled invisible and long walls tons of times with my trusty Kitten Kabootle to hang onto the ceiling of the bottom of the map, and found nothing. Found some empty space not meant to be seen behind the spring in Level 2, too. I also went to two places in the Remix as Fancy Pants Man that were only meant for Kitten Kabootle by doing a fancy jump and slide (the Angry Penguin's lair, and the high-up purple place at the start of Level 1), and there was nothing there in the first one. In the second one, there's probably also nothing, and there was a high-up ledge only Kitten Kabootle could reach. Oh, and I was playing on a broken phone but that doesn't really matter at all.

super fancy pants adventure download zip


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