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Learn How to Draw Chemical Structures with ChemDraw Ultra 8.0 (Free Download Link Included)

ChemDraw finds use in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agricultural, and other Industrial sectors. It serves as a solid foundation for image and data management in most any industry. Besides, the software supports a variety of file formats, including Sybase, NeXt office, Winkey, Frame, SDF, ASN, and FAS3. In addition, ChemDraw could also be customized to meet specific lab requirements such as structure display, aliphatic, aromatic, and more.

Chemdraw Ultra 8.0 Free Download.rar

Part of ChemDraw is also the online version, which has been extended to include searchable chemical structure databases of millions of chemicals with saved searches and results. So, you can also search for chemical structures, names of chemicals, or chemical related information via search engines such as ChemSpider, PubChem, Chemspider, etc. via ChemDraw Web.

Furthermore, the ChemDraw Ultra also features a real-time chemical editor which can be used as a standalone, command-line based molecule editor that allows you to draw and calculate structural properties for nearly any type of molecule, small or large, organic or inorganic. The app also allows you to view, edit, analyze, and print atomic structures. Similarly, it also lets you display molecule and atom properties such as FTIR spectrum, autodetection, and UV-Vis spectra, Molar absorptivity, Partition Coefficient, Color properties, and other properties of chemicals.

The free program also supports Chemical Ensemble files such as MetaChem, ReaxFF, and ReaxFF/MM, SOAP3, Bulk CPD, etc. ReaxFF (Reaction Ensemble Analysis Method) is a script-based C++ tool for the study of energy fluxes in reactive systems, such as biocatalytic processes, combustion, and other chemical and biological reactions. Likewise, bulk CPD (Class Activation Potential Descriptor) parameters are related to a single reaction but the tool can be used for diagnosing a reaction by analyzing what's affecting an activation energy. Both of these programs are popular for the prediction of reaction energetics.


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