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99 Names Of Allah In Urdu Translation BEST

Listen or play online 99 beautiful names of Allah. Also listen urdu translation of Asma ul Husna with Tashreeh and Fazilat. Download audio Asma ul Husna Free mp3 in best audio quality. Allah Names ki Fazilat Ahadees ki Roshni Mein.

99 Names Of Allah In Urdu Translation

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YouTubeAllSend SalawatContact Add comment29 commentsNames of Prophet Muhammad Arabic font size A A Arabic Transliteration Translation Names of Prophet MuhammadAdd comment29 commentsContentsThe names of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Arabic: اسما ءالنبي; Asma un-Nabi or اسماء محمد; Asma Muhammad) are described throughout the Quran and in Prophetic literature (Hadiths and Sirah). The Arabs say that the more names a thing is given, the more noble it is. A number of scholars have compiled collections of the names of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to increase the appreciation of who he actually is. In some cases they collected 99 names, to match the 99 Names of Allah mentioned in a famous Hadith. In other cases, they collected far more.


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