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[S1E2] I Never Met The Dead Man ((FULL))

[S18, E1] Peter goes on a yacht rock cruise with his family and friends and are having a good time until a rogue wave capsizes the ship. Everyone make their way towards the bottom of the ship where the hull is the thinnest but reach a dead end when a door is block by too much water pushing from the other side. Just then, musician Michael McDonald appears and says he can use the tambour in his voice to communicate with whales and sends a message of help in the form of a whale song to tip the ship up which reaches three humpback whales swimming by. One of the whales named Terry says he gotta save the day again, just like he did in Star Trek 4.

[S1E2] I Never Met the Dead Man

Lois - who for some reason had never referred her husband to counseling - snaps Peter out of his obsession by giving a speech about how television has controlled their lives and now they can enjoy life to the fullest. Peter, however, takes things to the other extreme by taking his family on a dizzingly fast-paced journey through other activities. When the others become exhausted, Peter invites William Shatner to his fun instead.

The Guardians are dead, and Omni-Man lays next to them, injured as well. A door opens and invisible agents look at the scene, followed by paramedics, who are shocked and disgusted at the scene. They find Omni-Man is alive and they move the bodies out from the room. Cecil Stedman mentions he had never seen anything like at and bangs his fist against a table.

Mark tells her that he never connected the dots between her and her superhero personality, which she says is because of psychology. He mentions that he even follows Teen Team on Instagram and she revealed that that was them, everybody's fourth favorite superhero team. Mark mentions he likes them more than Fight Force and she agrees they are better. She asks him if he was new to the whole superhero business, and he reveals that he had just gotten his powers. She tells him that he had done well for a rookie, which he did not buy since people had gotten hurt and he had frozen, but she told him that he had helped people escape and revealed that she used to throw up before fights, but got used to it. Mark said that it just had not been what he had expected, and she confirms that fights were not what they seemed on television. She tells him to meet Teen Team after school and Mark agrees.

Rex asks Eve and Invincible why they had gotten to the top of a building together, and Eve reminds him that they go to the same school and tells them that he had never gone to high school. Robot tells them to focus since the Flaxans were back, but this time it seemed they had found a way to resist the timestream. Eve asks Mark if he was ready, and he unconfidently says that he was.

Nolan tells Cecil what he remembers from the night the Guardians were killed. He tells him that he had gotten a distress call from the Guardians, but everything seemed fine when he had gotten there. However, the lights had gone out and he fought against the enemy until he passed out. Cecil is not convinced and says that he had never seen Nolan lose like that, but believed that somebody was acting clever.

Mark got home and told Debbie that Nolan had saved them from the Flaxans but had gone into one of the portals. Debbie asks if he would be late for dinner, which surprised Mark, but Debbie reveals that she had been worried before because Nolan had never been hurt that bad, but taking on aliens was a normal occasion.

When Nolan arrived home, he had grown a full beard. He was hugged by Mark and Debbie and told them he needed a shower. Just then, a news report came out, revealing that the Guardians were confirmed dead.

Once dead, the group will turn to Ben, angry that Travis/David was bitten when he said he wasn't. Ben will then reveal that the bite isn't necessary to turn into a Walker - all of the survivors are infected.

As a result of Ben telling the group earlier that dead bodies always come back as Walkers, and knowing they have no way to revive Larry in the confined space in the meat locker, Kenny pushes Lee to decide whether to finish Larry off or not. Lilly insists he is still alive, and it is at this point that Lee must decide to help Kenny or Lilly.

A sequence will now start where Lee has to advance towards Brenda, who is holding Katjaa hostage. In order to not die during this section you must remain still whenever Brenda points the gun at you. Not doing so will make her shoot Lee, resulting in game over.

If you do punch Andy repeatedly, Lee will eventually stop and Andy will try to mock Lee. Lee claims that it's all over and you can tell him that his mother and brother are dead, or repeat the fact that it is over.

At night, a man drives a Sunset Window Washers van through Los Angeles before trying to pick up a male prostitute, but the man becomes wary, and turns the driver down. The driver leaves, passing a police squad car and piquing the interest of the officers, who follow the van while running the license plates. Officers Pierce and Irving pull the driver over when the plates come back as fake, and backup arrives to assist as the officers order the driver out of the van. He complies, and is arrested when they find the body of a dead male in the back of the van.

At the police station, Bosch arrives to find a dozen officers watching the interrogation of the driver before Lt. Pounds orders the officers back to work. Bosch confronts Pounds about giving his personal file to Chandler, and though Pounds doesn't deny it, he recommends that Bosch put in for his pension because his "days are fuckin' numbered." After Pounds leaves, Bosch continues watching the interrogation of the driver, who insists that he had never seen the dead body in the van; the detectives confront the driver with a burlap bag and a stungun found in the van, even as the driver claims he's never seen the items either. When told that he will be charged with murder, the driver drinks from his soda can, and then asks for a lawyer.

Before the satellite, the woman who will soon be anointed Gamma (played by Thora Birch) and her sister, Frances, are tasked with assisting Beta in gathering more walkers/guardians for the pack. Frances is the woman Alpha forced to give up her baby when they made a display outside of Hilltop. She cries as the memories of her son come back, which, as young Lydia once did to her mother, draws the attention of the walkers. Beta is forced to kill two of the dead to save her.

The second episode of Never Have I Ever manages to be just as hilarious, if not more, than the pilot. Devi is immensely relatable, and the incongruity of John McEnroe narrating her thoughts never stops being laugh-out-loud funny.

Vanessa is attacked and left for dead in the days leading up to the Rising, delivering her into Doc's hands. When Doc finds abnormalities in her death, Axel and the marines are sent to retrieve her body, but become marooned in the hospital as chaos erupts outside.

Two good-looking, mature vampires are sitting together in a dilapidated apartment, accompanied by several other vampires. The male vampire, Dmitri, tells his companion Rebecca that the shadows have allowed them to survive, protecting them for centuries. Rebecca seems not to be listening, more focused on the fact that "he's late." And then she asks if Dmitri has seen the skies today, to which Dmitri replies in Romanian. The door opens and admits a hooded figure as Rebecca implies they should take advantage of the ash cloud keeping them safe from ultraviolet radiation, and Dmitri seems to dismiss the idea as the hooded man is revealed to be Bob, who places a briefcase on the floor and announces the arrival of their "delivery." The vampires block the exit as he attempts to leave, so he turns back and admits that he knows he's sick, but doesn't know how or why. Dmitri explains that he has become human once more, and Rebecca approaches him, wiping her silver-tipped bladed glove across his face and saying, "reversion." She starts to say that she hadn't seen such a thing for a while, but Dmitri cuts her off, chiding her for speaking of past events. Bob tries to leave once more, but Dmitri doesn't allow it. He softly hums while slowly walking closer, singing a song and scaring Bob into urinating on himself. Rebecca and Dmitri demand to know where the blood came from, and he tells them it came from the clinic near the university. Dmitri then allows the other vampires to herd him into the next room. Rebecca commands a vampire named Balthazar to get rid of the source, dead or alive. She and Dmitri are both worried that something is coming.

Vanessa finishes lighting the cake candles and goes searching for Dylan, who is still hiding in the closet. As Vanessa looks under Dylan's bed, she hears a noise in the kitchen; following it, she discovers a dark figure by the door. Assuming it's Tommy, she asks if he came back for another fight, but unknown to her, it is actually the vampire Balthazar. He charges at Vanessa, throwing her all across the apartment; Dylan listens fearfully as Vanessa attempts to fight back, but she is unable to match his strength and speed. As the commotion dies down, Dylan exits the closet, calling out to her mother. This provides a distraction for Vanessa, who grabs a pair of scissors and stabs her assailant multiple times. Assuming he was dead, she starts to crawl towards Dylan, but Balthazar heals up and pulls her back, ripping into Vanessa's throat and stomach. However, ingesting Vanessa's blood causes Balthazar to start reverting; as he chokes and vomits, he runs out of the apartment, ignoring Dylan completely as he passes her by. Dylan comes around the corner to find her mother bleeding out. As Dylan begs her not to die, Vanessa weakly tells her to find Susan, call the police and then her father. Her final words to Dylan were, "I love you," which Dylan manages to say back before Vanessa succumbs to her injuries. Dylan sits on the ground, crying over her mother's dead body.

Doc unzips a body bag and reveals Vanessa's body inside, calling her pretty and asking for her name. Her assistant identifies the woman as 'Vanessa Seward' and reveals she didn't die in the hospital. Doc demands to know why it wasn't taken to the coroner instead, but all the standby officer can tell her is the coroner's office is swamped with dead bodies. Unable to change the situation, Doc begins to examine the body and discovers the body's lividity and temperature is out of whack, prompting her to take the examination to a more equipped laboratory on the hospital's fourth floor. 041b061a72


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