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STAR WARS Jedi Knight Collection Portable

wow first time i played this game my cd broke inside the dvd writer lol for real took me like 2 weeks to finish it since i had school and was more out with friends then in but played it daily like 1h per day or so is fun especially since i got to choose a new lightsaber and chose double balded one, was a bit hard tho i didnt have internet back then so that mission in the desert took me a while to figure out how to do it whitout those worms eating me haha speed skill and run like hell xD i used grenades to distract the thing haha they didnt make another star wars game like this with character having complete freedom like omg it can jump so far, force unleashed is more like watching a movie rather then playing a game so is only the illusion of freedom so yeah didnt get to play it since, my cd cracked inside the pc lol ( couldnt play the game whithout the cd in ) , does it work on windows 10? i want to try it again , i hated the mission where you got caught in a trap and had to escape whithout a lightsaber, man i died so much in that mission i hated it found out later u can skipp a mission or 2 if u complete the rest like every chapter needs you to finish a certain number of missions before u can advance and the rest like 2-3 left are like bonus for more xp and stuff but after first playthru i skipped the hard ones lol, i think it was my 3rd time playing when i figured out how to play that mission on speeder game was created by geniuses like gothic series , one of a kind

STAR WARS Jedi Knight Collection Portable



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