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Places That Buy Violins Near Me

As a second generation violin maker with nearly a quarter-century of experience, owner and luthier Ronald Sachs and his team produce superbly crafted stringed instruments and provide exceptional customer service. Our services include professional repair and restoration for violins, basses, violas, cellos, and violin bows.

places that buy violins near me


April 23, 2007 at 04:55 AM I'm currently a college student amateur and am planning on staying one, and I've never really bought a violin for myself. I think it's time I should buy one that will last me a good number of years until I become rich enough to buy another one =) , since for the past couple of years all my teachers have urged me to buy a good one but somehow the plans just fell through. Do I really need a teacher to help me choose (I won't have time to get one until the summer when school is over) or can I pick one out on my own? I'm looking either in NYC or Boston so can anyone recommend me any dealers or good places that don't try to rip-off clueless students hehe (preferably Boston too). Are the more well known shops good (like reunings?) or shoudl I still to small dealers? I'm mainly looking around the 5000-7000 range and although that is flexible, I would really like to keep it under four digits. I know I am asking stupid questions but here's another stupid one: are there any standard pieces to play that allow one to judge the sound of the violin and stuff other than scales and random concertos? Thanks

April 24, 2007 at 09:49 PM "The reason I wonder is beacuse last time I went to a small dealer who said that Reunings was overpriced since they have such a nice place, and to look at his little room, and how because his place was so small he was able to undercut the price of violins themselves. Not sure how true that was but it sounded legitimate..."

Violin shops, with their large client base and trusted expertise, have the selling power in the local instrument market. Some violinmakers have websites that feature online catalogs which are closely monitored by players all over the world seeking fine instruments. Those in the market for fine violins will likely be willing to pay much more for an instrument that has been looked over, repaired and certified by an experienced professional violinmaker. While it can take months or more to successfully make a sale, consignment of fine violins and fine violin bows to a violin shop is certainly worth the wait.

If you are looking for a violin, viola, or cello 'near you', come to us! We have been shipping musical instruments worldwide for over 2 decades, and because we're NOT in the business of having them exposed to excessive time in transit, we make sure we choose perfectly for each customer, so we rarely get instruments returned to us once we've selected them (as we always do) for each, individual customer. In fact, our return rate is less than 1% for ALL our instrument sales, even with 14-day trials! We love our violins, violas, and cellos, and we don't want them ending up in a trash heap with FedEx from damage.

Serving string players worldwide since 1997, StringWorks takes pride in establishing relationships for a lifetime with all our string playing community. All our violins, violas, and cellos are handmade, fully carved, and guaranteed. We look forward to having the chance to help you find your next instrument...and the one after that!

At The Violin Shop, our mission is to provide musicians of all levels with access to the finest violins and string instruments, while fostering a love and appreciation for the arts. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of playing music, regardless of their financial situation. We are committed to providing high-quality instruments, personalized service, and ongoing support to ensure that every player has the best musical experience possible. Our goal is to make renting a violin simple, affordable, and accessible, so that more people can experience the beauty of music. We strive to be the trusted resource for violin rentals and to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers through our unwavering commitment to quality and service.

Flushing Violin Shop focuses on high quality and affordable violins. They also sell violas and cellos. They offer many of these types of instruments for sale and for rent. In the event that you need an accessory for your violin or string instruments, they have a large inventory of accessories for all. They also have luthiers in the store to provide repairs.

As a violin studio that makes, sells, and repairs violins they have been recently established in 2010. If you are in the need of seeking restoration for an older stringed instrument, Peter Lam Violin will be able to provide the professional services as needed. They actually have more than one location with their other largest location being in Hong Kong.

Established in 1975, it was originally located on West 54th Street in New York. It would later move to the Lincoln Center area in 1977. In addition to a wide range of various violins, violas, and cellos, they also offer products that appeal to both professionals and students. If you are in the market for strings, cases, or other accessories, they have a very large selection. Although you can request an appointment, walk-ins are not really ideal. They prefer to have time to prepare for showing and set-ups for clients. In the need you might need to be provided a weekend appointment, they may availability on Saturdays. This is only done by request and must require notice several days before.

I would advise you to start with nearby music schools. If you are looking for a student model, nearby music schools and music shops in your area probably work with students regularly, so they likely have an entire section of used violins. Music shops that rent equipment usually rent used violins.

In some cases, you might be able to purchase one of the violins that have previously been rented. It might still be in good condition but has years of wear and tear on it, saving you quite a bit of money.

If I make and manufacture size violins, and I want to sell them in my e-commerce store and on Amazon, I have to agree that the price I charge at my e-commerce store is a little higher than the price I charge at Amazon. And Amazon takes a percentage of every sale I make.

Most adults and older children play on full-sized violins. Younger children, however, often use smaller instruments and bows that suit their arm length. They come in many sizes, with the 4/4 model representing the standard, full-sized instrument. Sizes include:

Antique violins have an aura of romantic mystique; however, it isn't their compelling refinement that helps them sell at market. Rather, their values are determined by a few different factors pertaining to things like their sound, what people want to buy, which luthier or manufacturer made them, and so on.

Those who argue sound has little to no effect on the price of an antique violin will state that most of the oldest, most highly valued violins in existence are rarely played, though this isn't always the case. While many collectors and museums who own a significant number of these violins are trying to preserve the violin's condition, it's true that a violin's sound is also greatly affected by the player. The human using the instrument has much more influence on how it sounds than the age or design. Even the bow will have some effect on the sound. Thus, many believe that the sound of an antique violin is completely subjective, as people perceive sound differently and the perception is often based on emotions.

While these are valid points as to why sound shouldn't have much bearing on violin values, it may also be misleading to say that it doesn't have any effect at all. Obviously, the most expensive violins are high-quality made violins. Therefore, the chance that these violins would have superior sound quality over cheaply made violins is pretty high, and fine-tuned ears should be able to hear the difference between the scales played on a $200 violin versus a $20,000 violin.

There's also some speculation that prices are driven up by insider financial collaboration between sellers and the matchmakers or finders. These experts allegedly misinform unsuspecting buyers and lure them into paying exorbitant prices for violins that would otherwise have sold for less. In any case, the value of any antique always depends on what a buyer is willing to pay.

Perhaps the most famous name in violin making would be that of Antonio Stradivari. Known as Stradivarius violins, his instruments are among the finest and most valuable musical instruments in the world. Antonio Stradivari was Italian, born in 1644 and living until 1737. He would inscribe his violins with Latin slogans and thus, his violins became known as the Latin equivalent of his name, Antonius Stradivarius or simply Stradivarius violins. These violins became world-famous because of the quality of their sound. The quality of the wood, the shape of the instrument, the thickness of the wooden plates placed in the belly and back of the instrument and the varnish of the wood are all believed to be important factors that contribute to this powerful, superior sound.

As with other concert instruments, violins have a lofty reputation for being superfluously expensive. However, the thousands of dollars that you can spend on a modern violin doesn't even mildly compare to that of an antique. When it comes to these antiques, there's a few things that're definitely sure to increase their prices. For instance, their luthier. If you can find a violin with a label connecting it to one of the great historic luthiers, then you've got a very expensive violin on your hands - no matter its condition. However, things like the presence of high-quality woods or famous luthiers shouldn't be overshadowed by characteristics that're common dog whistles in other antiques. For example, if you find an antique violin with a piece or two unattached - don't fret! It could still have substantial value, as a professional with expertise in antique violins could reattach that part with little difficulty. 041b061a72


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