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How to Create and Download a Custom Terraria Map with All Items for Xbox

There are also many other changes to world generations and game mechanics. For instance, some water pools throughout the world are replaced with lava. Pots and trees may drop lit Bombs that shortly explode, instead of their usual items. Skyware Chests are replaced with locked Gold Chests but they still have their respective loot.

terraria map with all items xbox

Download Zip:

Instead of fighting the Mechanical Bosses one by one in Hardmode, a new Zenith-world-exclusive boss called Mechdusa must be fought instead, spawning after the Ocram's Razor has been used, showing the message "Mechdusa has awoken!", replacing a natural or intentional spawn from either of the three bosses separately. Mechdusa essentially is and looks like the amalgamation of all three mechanical bosses, shaped into a single creature, resembling a gorgon from Greek mythology, with the Destroyer as its body and Skeletron Prime serving as its head with the Twins being sprung out of its eye sockets. Despite being spawned as such, all three parts of Mechdusa still possess their own independent health pool, but total up to having the most health out of any boss at a staggering 273,000 HP starting at Classic Mode, beating the Moon Lord's 145,000 HP. The AI of the Mechdusa is also a combination of all three bosses' AI models, with the priority being Skeletron Prime > The Twins > The Destroyer (?). As mentioned before, one cannot spawn each Mechanical Boss individually using their summoning items in a world generated by the Zenith seed. In reverse, Ocram's Razor cannot be used in non-Zenith worlds and thus Mechdusa cannot spawn anywhere but in Zenith worlds. To craft one Ocram's Razor, all three of the Bosses' summoning items have to be combined, one each, at an hardmode anvil. Waiting for a natural spawn or using the Ocram's Razor is the only way of ever defeating the Mechanical bosses in a Zenith world, posing a greater challenge to game progression as a whole. When defeated, Mechdusa guaranteed drops the Zenith-world-exclusive weapon called the Waffle's Iron, along with the bosses' respective Treasure Bags, along with their Relics and a chance for Master Mode-exclusive pets if fought in Expert Mode or higher. Additionally, if defeated for the first time, the player will unlock the "Mecha Mayhem" achievement as Mechdusa is the amalgamation of all three mechanical bosses.


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