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Jagged Alliance Back In Action Trainer 1.13 G

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Trainer 1.13 G

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a tactical role-playing game that was released in 2012. It is a remake of the classic game Jagged Alliance 2, which was released in 1999. The game features a mix of turn-based and real-time combat, as well as a strategic layer where the player can manage their mercenaries, finances, and equipment.

A trainer is a program that modifies the game's memory to enable cheats or hacks, such as unlimited health, money, or ammo. Trainers are usually used for testing purposes or for fun, but they can also make the game easier or harder depending on the player's preference. Trainers are not officially supported by the game developers and may cause bugs or crashes.


One of the most popular trainers for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is the trainer 1.13 G, which was created by SKiDROW, a group of hackers and crackers who release cracked versions of games and software. The trainer 1.13 G works with the version 1.13 of the game, which was released in March 2012 and added some new features and fixes. The trainer 1.13 G has several options, such as:

  • Unlimited health: The player's mercenaries will not die or lose health from enemy attacks or environmental hazards.

  • Unlimited ammo: The player's mercenaries will not run out of ammo for their weapons.

  • Unlimited money: The player will have unlimited funds to hire mercenaries, buy equipment, or bribe locals.

  • Unlimited items: The player will have unlimited items in their inventory, such as grenades, medkits, or lockpicks.

  • Instant kill: The player's mercenaries will kill any enemy with one shot, regardless of their weapon or armor.

  • No reload: The player's mercenaries will not need to reload their weapons after firing.

  • Super speed: The player's mercenaries will move faster than normal.

  • Super accuracy: The player's mercenaries will have perfect aim and hit every shot.

  • No recoil: The player's mercenaries will not experience any recoil or sway when firing their weapons.

The trainer 1.13 G can be downloaded from various websites that host trainers and cheats for games. To use the trainer, the player needs to run it before or during the game and press the corresponding keys to activate or deactivate the options. The trainer also has a hotkey to hide it from the screen if needed.

The trainer 1.13 G can be useful for players who want to experiment with different strategies, explore the game world, or have some fun with the game mechanics. However, using the trainer can also ruin the challenge and immersion of the game, as well as cause potential problems with the game's stability and compatibility. Therefore, players should use the trainer at their own risk and discretion.


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