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Submissive Gay Stories

A Story of Submission and Love - The story follows a young 19 year old Indian boy named Aayansh, who is in a sexual relationship with an older man named Tom. They engage in various sexual activities, including group sex with other men, and Aayansh is submissive to Tom's dominant role in the relationship. The story also includes descriptions of Aayansh's body and sexual experiences, including the ...

submissive gay stories

This was one of the hottest stories I've read! Reading about a dominant man telling you how it is going to be! I'd be so scared, yet so aroused if an alpha treated me like that ! Him taking a picture of me sucking his dick and being called a "good girl!" I admit, I'd love to have that experience, but I'd be too afraid to go through with it. I've lived a very discreet life.

i have a tendency to just say things. Often i shouldn't, and things that are to me a joke, are not always taken that way. Especially when it is about something relating to my/ our lifestyle. Most of you who read this blog, or my work know i am a submissive. My Sir, Dom, Husband is Michael.

The self-titled Man of Midnight, The Marriage Counsellor, smooth as syrup and as suave as a law-man. Draco Malfoy was calculating, precise and in-tune with his submissive's needs by instinct. It's exactly what Hermione and Harry need, having tried everything they can to reach the sexual compatibility they crave, falling short of the mark. Draco Malfoy might just be their antidote.

Harry Potter has a secret. For years since he's presented as a submissive, Harry's suppressed his urges and hid the truth from everyone and anyone. Until one day, years after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry returns to the old wizarding school and runs into his old potions professor. His well kept secret is exposed by Snape's wards, but in the end, Harry finds he doesn't mind too much, and surprisingly, neither does Snape.

With lots of hesitation he mentioned that he had been a gay! And he mentioned few of his incidences in simple and small stories. He finished completing his gay life history as we reached hostel back. He asked again "you won't end our friendship nah? I told it because we are good friends. I don't have any bad intentions. I am sorry for the pranks etc ...".

I crawled on his bed. Placed my head on his shoulders and then for half-an-hour I explained my stories to him. my first gay sex. My humiliation of being orally raped. He listened with real interest. And when I finished he spoke "so you are bottom then?" ..and smiled.I turned at him and asked "and what about you?" .. well I knew the answer .. he told "We make a pair" and winked.

Hi I am Jeet from Mumbai. I have always been interested in watching bdsm porn videos where there is a dominant top and a submissive bottom. I have always dreamed of serving a dominant top but never had the guts to do so. This is a true incident that happened with me. I met a top named Paresh on a gay dating site. After chatting with him it was pretty evident that he was quite dominant and he wanted to meet me. I was quite sceptical but thinking of being dominated by another male made me really excited and so I agreed to meet him at his place.

Read a fresh new Indian Sex Story every day. Erotic stories of incest between mom and son. Dirty BDSM sex. Slutty students fucking teachers. Anal sex of gays and lesbians. Desi maa-beta ki chudai aur dusri Hindi Sex Story.

They feature stories where love is found between college fraternity brothers, rival hockey players, a bodyguard and client, childhood friends, childhood enemies, competing fighter pilots, fighting princes and more! 041b061a72


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