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Episode 03: And The Reunion Of Evil

Cassandra's continued interest in magic stems from this, as well. I really enjoyed having Cassandra partner up with Jake again for this episode; it seems like forever since the two of them have really paired off, and Lindy Booth and Christian Kane play so well off each other.

Episode 03: And the Reunion of Evil

Magic and its dangers has been an overarching theme so far this season. Is it possible, I wonder, that magic will claim the life of one of our Librarians? That thought certainly puts a bit of a damper on the frivolity that encompassed a good portion of the episode.

I don't know if the writer of this episode, Kate Rorick, ever watched Tron, but the comparison certainly gave me giggles, that's for sure. (Tron, for those of you who don't know this awesome 1980's masterpiece, had a computer programmer sucked into a system he was trying to hack.)

And I also had to laugh at Ezekiel growing progressively more attached to the egg, to the point he actually had it in a baby carrier. Awwwwww. It's worth noting that one of my favorite episodes of the previous season was The Librarians Season 2 Episode 8, "And the Point of Salvation," which was Ezekiel-centric. Too bad he doesn't remember it!

After five pod couples made it to the altar, only two actually said "I do" and got married: Alexa and Brennon (protect them at all costs, their love is real, y'all), and Matt and Colleen (hmmm). But it was the couples who said "I don't" at the altar who brought the real drama during the reunion, as Zanab, Cole, Nancy, Bartise, Raven, and SK dropped so many truth bombs and revelations that makes watching this season an even wilder ride if you binge it again knowing what you know now.

There won't be any happy endings or reunions for Nancy and Bartise or Zanab and Cole. After Bartise said "I don't" at the altar, both he and Nancy got breakup hairstyle refreshes, and while he was now sporting a questionable man bun on the top of his head (who told him that looked good?!), Nancy was literally glowing with her new highlights and look. She looked absolutely stunning, and it's clear who won this breakup.

And that brings us to Cole and Zanab. It's safe to say they're never, ever getting back together. Cole seemed especially miserable throughout the entire reunion. It was clear he did not want to be here. This was the first time Zanab and Cole had seen or even spoken to each other since the non-wedding after Zanab read him for filth at the altar and her friends applauded her as she walked out. Zanab revealed she still wanted to fight for their relationship the morning of the wedding and didn't know until the moment she was at the altar with Cole that she was going to say no and then make that speech. He said he still didn't understand what she said at the altar about how he treated her so badly in their relationship, and thought she was going to text or call him immediately after the wedding to talk about it. He also still didn't understand how their wedding day unfolded the way it did. In short, he's in denial. But it turns out their relationship was so much worse than it appeared onscreen.

First things first: the pool party conversation between Cole and Colleen of course got discussed again. Cole tried to gaslight Zanab after she said he didn't apologize to her about that for weeks, then he called her "insane." Brennon told Cole to not use that word to describe Zanab, so Cole then used the word "crazy" instead, and everyone pointed out how that's the same exact thing. Brennon said that time and time again, Cole continually disrespected Zanab and everyone else nodded, with Alexa adding that Cole was "deceitful." Later during the reunion, Cole tried to say that Alexa called him "evil" and she corrected him multiple times saying that she actually said "deceitful."

Meanwhile, Matt revealed that watching the pool party scene wasn't surprising for him at all since Colleen had confessed everything that was said literally that very same night. So no more blowups about that conversation happened for them after the episode came out.

At the end of the reunion (before the cuties scene played), Cole ultimately apologized to everyone on the cast and said he's working on himself and hoped he can still be friends with everyone going forward. He also said he regrets going on the show if he destroyed someone's self esteem. Zanab tried to take the high road by saying she completely forgave him, but he still said he wouldn't do the show again if he had the chance to go back. Then he broke down in tears about how he said things he would never say on the show and watching it back "destroyed" him. Hopefully Cole really does take seeing the hard truth about his actions as a learning experience.

On a more inspiring note, all the women supported one another in a way that was incredible to see. Since some of the guys were intent on pitting them against each other during the season (cough, Cole and Bartise), the women banded together to show that lifting each other up is so much better than fighting over a man. In fact, Nancy and Raven revealed they've become friends and said that it was hard to watch when they were tearing each other down in the episodes. And they all came to Zanab's defense when Cole continued to gaslight her and treat her with disrespect.

Nick Lachey had some jokes! During the reunion, he brought out eyedrops in a hilarious callback to Andrew's fake tears in the pod, and everyone laughed at the shade. Vanessa revealed Andrew was invited to the reunion but chose not to come, and all the women were thankful the "phony" guy wasn't there. Bartise even said that was not a "false depiction" of who Andrew was, so it's clear how everyone felt about Andrew. Nancy may not have chosen a good guy to marry, but at least she didn't say yes to Andrew!

In the B-story, Sam, Clover, and Alex all get jobs at the campus coffee shop to work off their debt for staying in the villa and have a very tense reunion with their rival, Mandy, who's revealed to have joined Malibu University. They also meet her equally annoying cousin, Mindy.

Apep, the Egyptian God of Chaos, is revived, and attempts to release Pure Evil into the world, beginning the ultimate battle between good and evil. In order to do so, he kidnaps Charlene and forces Flynn to look for her.

As in most science fiction, Star Trek has never been bound to the realities of a human lifespan. Dead characters are revived with flimsy explanations that go unquestioned, if only for their general popularity. NuTrek has engaged in some serious retconning with mixed results, so it came as little surprise when, during the Mission: Star Trek Las Vegas conference, actress Denise Crosby, who played the twice-deceased Tasha Yar (and daughter Sela) in The Next Generation, hinted at a return to Trek for the Picard reunion.

It continued from the prelude established in Tardisode 3, and saw the start of Mickey Smith's travels in the TARDIS. This episode was most notable for marking the return of original series companions Sarah Jane Smith and K9, both having last appeared on-screen in 1983's The Five Doctors. With Sarah Jane's inclusion in this story, it was established the current series was not a reboot, but rather a continuation of the Original Series. K9 Mark III was destroyed and replaced by a newer model at the end of the episode. Months after this episode aired, rumours of a spin-off series with Sarah were confirmed by the BBC and The Sarah Jane Adventures premiered on BBC One on 1 January 2007.

Though not credited in any way, Mat Irvine did help considerably with the operation of K9 for this episode. In the DVD commentary, Phil Collinson acknowledges Irvine as the "operator of the original K9 prop", as seen in the very last scene of the episode, and admitting that the original prop had been stored in Irvine's garage and was found especially for this scene.

This two-hour premiere episode introduces Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), a contemporary Texas Ranger. During a bank robbery in Fort Worth, Ranger Cordell Walker's partner Robert Mobley (Steven Ruge) is killed. Walker's new partner, Ranger James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard), has a history with one of the suspects in the robbery. Trying to solve the case, Walker discovers that the robbery could have been a test for a much bigger goal: simultaneously robbing four banks lying next to each other. After a bomb explodes in a bank across town which has just gotten in a valuable shipment, everyone goes to that bank. When the actual robbery starts at the other four banks, it falls to Walker in an effort to catch the robbers and their leader, former CIA agent Orson Wade (Marshall Teague). Villain:One Riot One Ranger Part 1 Orson Wade and One Riot One Ranger Part 2 Orson Wade

Work-related stress builds so Walker, under doctor's advice, takes Trivette and C.D. to Cajun country for a fishing trip. But the vacation turns sour when local ruffians grow tired of the Rangers' presence and take desperate measures to conceal their drug trade. At the end of the second second part episode, Alex, Trivette and C.D. give a new gun to Walker as a present, a Beretta 92FS Inox, to replace his old weapon that he lost in the first part.

When a preacher friend of Walker's dies, his military son, Trent, returns to take care of his family. Walker tries to get him to become a police officer, but this proves difficult because of Trent's refusal to carry a firearm (because of a childhood incident with a revolver that resulted in the death of a friend). Meanwhile, a serial cop-killer is on the loose and one of the targets happens to be Carlos Sandoval, a good friend of Walker and Trent. (Note: In syndication, this is a two-part episode.)

Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan returns to Dimension 20 for an evil side quest, and this time, the villains are the heroes. Featuring an all-new cast full of familiar faces, Escape From The Bloodkeep proves that being bad can be very, very good. 041b061a72


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