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Lagu Untuk Montion Create Emotion

This easy version of You Raise Me Up is a great song to have in the background of the wedding ceremony. Played softly, it can be extremely special and create a memorable moment that will make you and your guests tear up. Because this is in E flat major, use a tuner to make sure your notes are in tune. Remember that you will need a low 1st, low 2nd, and low 4th fingers. Try to put a lot of emotion in the song by using long, legato bow strokes with vibrato.

Lagu Untuk Montion Create Emotion

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[Verse 1:]Hold onto my heartbeat like you mean itBerpeganglah pada detak jantungku, seperti yang kau maksud'Cause there's something too real to let it slideKarena ada sesuatu yang terlalu nyata untuk membiarkannya meluncurIf you gotta go, we can achieve itJika kau harus pergi, kita bisa mencapainyaYou better believe it, so do IKau lebih percaya, akupun jugaI don't need your words to get me goin'Aku tak butuh kata-katamu untuk membuatku pergiLet your body language set the toneBiarkan bahasa tubuhmu mengatur nadaSave all your emotions for the motionSimpan semua emosimu untuk gerakanDon't make me go at this aloneJangan membuatkupergi sendirian


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