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Find the perfect victorian engagement ring to cherish your love and commitment. Filigree Jewelers has the largest victorian engagement ring selection in Minneapolis. Your one stop shop for the finest victorian engagement rings.


The 1920s brought to the world a time of dramatic social and economic change. Innovative architecture, fashion, and industry began to boom. With their eyes toward the future, jewelry makers of the Art Deco Era reflected this evolution in their work.

Many of the Modern Engagement Rings you see on our site are of our own creation. We carefully upcycle precious metal and natural gemstones to create one of a kind engagement rings that are sure to become future classics! Each custom modern ring is produced one at a time, using antique materials and skillful techniques. For a stunning engagement ring that is ethically made, browse our beautiful collection of Modern Engagement Rings here.

Find the perfect modern engagement ring to cherish your love and commitment. Filigree Jewelers has the largest modern engagement ring selection in Minneapolis. Your one stop shop for the finest modern engagement rings.

Symbolizing love in the present, past, and future, our one of a kind selection of Three Stone Engagement Ring are a chic and dazzling alternative to classic solitaires. Discover the beauty of antique, vintage, and custom-made Three-Stone Engagement Rings.

Find the perfect three-stone engagement ring to cherish your love and commitment. Filigree Jewelers has the largest three stone engagement ring selection in Minneapolis. Your one stop shop for the finest three stone engagement rings.

Our vintage engagement ring collection features a wide variety of restored, one-of-a-kind pieces. The true beauty of these rings lies in their history: their iconic styles, global inspirations, and unique designs. We carefully select our inventory, bringing only the most notable pieces to our showroom. Our collection spans approximately 150 years and encompasses some of the most classic jewelry making periods.

By Filigree is our newest line of contemporary, custom-made jewelry using only the finest of materials. We design our jewelry pieces one at a time, with the utmost attention to care and detail. Inspired by the techniques of the golden eras of jewelry, our vision is to create forward-thinking designs that bring quality, artistry, and style to the forefront. We use vintage and upcycled materials (precious gemstones and metals from the past) and reimagine them onto a modern setting.

Since 1977, Victoriana has remained, within a 2 block radius, in the heart of LoDo in Denver, Colorado. Currently located at home in Larimer Square since August 2008, visiting is an experience in and of itself. Victoriana reflects a nostalgia not found in any other jewelry stores in the region. Within the century old cases is a hand picked collection of jewelry ranging from gold-filled Victorian bar pins to signed platinum and diamond necklaces from the 1930\u2019s. Proprietors David and Veronica Prebble work with jewelry buyers throughout the world, and the couple travels to jewelry shows to find the best-quality pieces possible. \u201CFor the past 200 years, Jewelry has been the highest expression of the various design periods,\u201D David says, \u201CWe appreciate well executed design from almost every period.\u201D -Victoria Magazine / February 2010

We here at Victoriana strive to make our customers happy with their purchases however, due to the nature of antique jewelry, and our revolving inventory, we require your return within the first 10 days after purchase to apply a refund in full. After the those 10 days we will be happy to take your return and apply your purchase price towards a store credit that is valid for a year, and not limited to one purchase.

On any special orders for new jewelry, we require half of the total amount upon the time of ordering. Special orders take anyways from 4-8 weeks. There are no refunds on these special orders, however we work on a case-by-case basis with special circumstances and are more than happy to talk to you about the needs that may arise after your purchase. Please call us at 1.303.573.5049

While staying a few days in Franklin, we discovered this cute antique jewelry shop. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Probably the least pressure type sales I have ever experienced. They have such stunning pieces and allow you to freely look and try on all the pretties. We spend hours trying to decide on a ring and at the end of the day I still hadn't made up my mind. We came back the next day and they had all of my favorites ready for me to look again. We will definitely be back as Franklin is going to be a staple for us to return to every year! Lensey was our sales person and she was the sweetest and was most helpful. I have never had so much spending so much money. Thank you to everyone in the store, we had a great experience!

Walton's is the best jewelry store! I have purchased some of their rings, but they also made some for me from an inherited ring. Beautiful work! I can't say enough good things! People are always friendly and helpful. Miller is the best!

Beautiful selection of antique jewelry. Great service, the sales folks are so nice and friendly. And what an amazing historic space in downtown Franklin. Definitely worth a shopping visit. Have something particular in mind...they will update you on possible pieces to fit your jewelry dream!

So incredibly pleased! Walton's not only repaired a broken ring, but resized my wedding band and engagement ring. They are absolutely perfect!!! Their customer service and knowledge are paramount. I wouldn't take my jewelry anywhere else. Thank you Walton's for being amazing on so many levels.

Keyamour is a fine collection of antique, rare and vintage jewels. Each piece is chosen for its romance, whimsy, collectability and beauty. Most importantly, our gems are curated for the modern woman. Keyamour is where old world charm meets new wearable, stylish and expressive.

Vintage Jewelry describes items that are at least one generation old, so anything before the 1980's is currently considered vintage. Estate Jewelry describes pieces that were previously owned, it sounds more elegant than used or old jewelry. Both vintage and antique are types of estate jewellery. Antique Jewelry is typically at least 100 years old but often Art Deco jewels crafted during the 1920's to 1930's are included. Fine antique jewelry is generally made of either yellow gold or platinum. Many think of costume jewellery when they hear vintage jewelry; however, between the 1940's and 1980's some of the finest crafted jewelry pieces were produced. Customers normally ask if we get items from estate sales. Not usually is the answer. Some items come from trusts, but most fine pre-owned pieces come from the family members that inherited them or original owners that no longer want or need them. Please enjoy our selection whether just admiring the artwork, or searching for your treasure!

Our live and online Jewelry auctions are held throughout the year in New York, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Milan. In advance of our forthcoming sales, we would be delighted to provide you with a free and confidential jewelry valuation.

Mureta & Co. has been selling vintage jewelry and fine antiques in San Francisco since 1983. We specialize in fine jewelry from the 1800s-1970s including vintage engagement rings, rare gemstones, old cut diamonds, and designer jewelry.

For the past 40 years, Roussel's has serviced the River Parishes with fine jewelry, engagement rings & exquisite gifts for all occasions. Being a family owned and operated business, our first priority is our outstanding, friendly customer service to all our customers. Come experience the endless possibilities here at Roussel's Fine Jewelry & Gifts.

Contact our jewelry experts today or visit us in our New Brickell Showroom located at 1000 Brickell Ave Suite 100 Miami Florida. Estate evaluations are provided in our Miami offices or on-site at the location of your choosing free of charge. We welcome your inquiries either via email, telephone or by private appointment in our Brickell Miami Offices.

Featuring Fine Jewelry Trends, Our Jewels Du Jour along with access to the most relevant Diamond and Jewelry information, Secrets & Insights of Jewelry Care. Learn how to Buy Vintage Jewelry and Diamond Engagement Rings. How to Sell your Jewelry, Interesting history & facts about Vintage & Antique Jewelry, read about Celebrity trends, along with exclusive jewelry meanings, uses, and tutorials.

If it's a style you love, we recommend jewelry restoration. Our antique jewelry restoration services range from replacing old style diamond on an antique ring to complete restoration of estate jewelry. We are one of the few jewelers to have the equipment and skill to repair costume jewelry also.Vintage jewelry has often had previous repairs. Unfortunately, repairs on old jewelry tend to be of poor quality. Our finely detailed repair work can usually undo past damage, restoring your vintage jewelry to its original, beautiful condition. 041b061a72


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