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Overlord II Episode 10

The events within the episode weren't given much of an explanation, and much of the main plot of the episode seems redundant. While the episode had the viewer focus on Maou wanting to purchase a TV, the incidents within the plot gave no importance to it.

Overlord II Episode 10


The Devil is a Part-Timer!! season 2 episode 10, titled The Overlord makes a strong argument for buying a TV, starts off with Emilia being worried about the call with Emerada about her mother, Lailah.

In the meantime, Gabriel seems to be focused on a new mission. Not much has been revealed about it yet. However, he seems to be the last of the worries for Maou and the group, as Chiho has fainted due to an unexplained reason, the cause for which may only be explained in the next episode. 041b061a72


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