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WWWTAMILROCKERSNET Thakkum Kappal 2012 Tamil Dubbed CAM DVDmkv

WWWTAMILROCKERSNET Thakkum Kappal 2012 Tamil Dubbed CAM DVDmkv

Thakkum Kappal is a 2012 Tamil dubbed version of the Hollywood comedy film The Dictator, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional North African country of Wadiya. The film follows Aladeen's misadventures in New York City, where he is stripped of his power and identity by a traitorous uncle and falls in love with a feminist activist.

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The Tamil dubbed version of the film was released by the notorious piracy website WWW.TAMILROCKERS.NET, which is known for leaking movies online illegally. The website uploaded a low-quality CAM DVD rip of the film, which had poor audio and video quality. The website also added its own watermark to the film, which read "WWW.TAMILROCKERS.NET - Thakkum Kappal (2012) Tamil Dubbed CAM DVD.mkv".

The pirated version of the film was widely circulated on the internet, especially among Tamil-speaking audiences who enjoyed the humor and satire of the film. Some users also uploaded the film to various streaming platforms, such as SoundCloud , where they received thousands of views and likes. However, the piracy of the film also caused a lot of damage to the filmmakers and distributors, who lost revenue and faced legal issues.

The piracy of Thakkum Kappal is an example of how WWW.TAMILROCKERS.NET and other similar websites violate the intellectual property rights of the creators and harm the film industry. Piracy also affects the quality and availability of legitimate content for the viewers, who may miss out on the original and authentic versions of the films. Therefore, it is important to respect and support the work of the filmmakers and avoid watching or downloading pirated content from illegal sources.


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